behavioral study and evaluation of rubber core sandwich beam underimpact loading

Author Name: tinku kumar and mr. happy srivastav

Abstract: the shock resistance of structures is of current interest of academia and industry. sandwich structures have been proposed as alternatives to conventional monolithic structures in order to enhance the shock resistance. sandwich structures are widely used in many important fields, such as ship, aircraft, automotive and aerospace industries, packaging and construction engineering. in this study, a number of experiments were conducted to investigate the structural response of dynamically loaded on clamped (both end) 1mm thick monolithic aluminium beams and rubber core sandwich beams of 3.02 mm and 4.02 mm thicknesses impacted by a blunt nosed cylindrical projectile made of mild steel of diameter 12.8 mm, length 30.2 mm and mass 0.03018 kg in sub ordinance velocity range (20 to 110 m/s). sandwich structure consists of two face sheets of aluminium adhered to a low-density rubber core. the failure of composite specimens observed in the tests can be classified with respect to the front face sheet, core and back face sheet, respectively different parameters like impact velocity,residual velocity, velocity drop, energy absorbed, kinetic energy, deflection, dimensionless external dynamic energy, and dimensionless maximum transverse permanent deformation were observed experimentally and calculated analytically with the help of work in the past. three modes of failure of beams have been found during the experiment on monolithic and rubber core sandwich beams like mode-1: fracture at the point of strike i.e. tearing; mode-2: fracture at one or both support either on front face sheet or on back face sheet of beam i.e. end shear; mode-3: fracture at the point of strike with bulging (cup shape) and after fracture beam turnaround from the support (in case of monolithic) or fracture at the point of strike without bulging on front face sheet and after fracture on the back face sheet with bulging and beam turnaround from the support (in case of sandwich beam).

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