impact of hrm practices on employee productivity: a study on the rmg sector in bangladesh

Author Name: md. hazrat ali

Abstract: rmg sector in bangladesh is one of the fast growing sectors in the economy of bangladesh that can be understood by analyzing its gradual contribution during the last few years (khan and ullah, 2017). however, this industry has some prospects as well as challenges since it is competing in the global marketplace. developing the human capital in this sector is very much needed in this regard. the academics as well as practitioners in this industry are contributing through their research and development works. in this circumstance, human resource management of rmg factories has gained much importance from both academics and hr practitioners. most of the researchers argue that hr practices have a significant contribution to the development of this sector. this study aims at exploring the impact of hr practices on employee productivity. hopefully, the findings of this study will help the practitioners as well as future researchers to understand the value of hr practices on increasing employee productivity. methods: descriptive study method has been used to conduct this study where a self-designed structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data from the respondents (n=178) working in the rmg sector in bangladesh. spss version 20.0 has been used to analyze the collected primary data. however, face to face interviews with some hr professionals and top management of rmg industry have been conducted before designing questionnaires and while interpreting those. besides primary data, this study also uses secondary data from different sources which have been acknowledged properly through both in-text citation and reference section. dimensions of hrm: this study uses six dimensions of hr practices which are recruitment & selection, hr compliance, compensation & benefits, performance management, employee participation, and training & development as independent variables where employee productivity has been taken as a dependent variable. findings: this finds that all of the hr practices have significant impact on employee productivity. particularly, it finds the highest correlation between compensation and benefits and employee productivity. it also finds the second highest correlation between hr compliance and employee productivity in the rmg sector in bangladesh. however, all of the hypotheses of the study were accepted.

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