evaluation of physico-chemical parameters and antimicrobial studies of delonix regia and piliostigma thonningii seed oil

Author Name: olalude c.b, adegboyega a.m, adedokun i.t, abiona d.l, anifowose o.a, fawole t.a, alabi j.o,

Abstract: delonix regia leaves, roots, and seeds have been extensively used in the treatment of many diseases and ailments but only the immature seeds have been found edible because the mature seeds are reportedly toxic due to their anti-nutrient composition. the aim and objectives of this study are to check for the physicochemical parameters and antimicrobial activities of delonix regia and piliostigma seed oils. the seed samples of this study were collected from the polytechnic, ibadan, oyo state, nigeria and were carefully cleaned and were removed from the pods, thereafter, they were held with distilled-deionized water and thendried for seven days. the physicochemical characteristics of delonix regia and piliostigma thonningii oils were determined using standard methods. the parameter that were analyzed are saponification value, iodine value (vi), free fatty acid value, acid value and peroxide value (table 1&2). inoculum of piliostigma. aeruginosa, k. oxytoca and e. coli were prepared according to kirby- methods. the specific gravity of delonix regia oil was found to be 0.831 g/cm3 and quite lower than that of p. thonningii oil which was 0.942 g/cm3 indicating that the oils from both seeds are less dense than water and also, peroxide values of 5.067±0.000 and 4.073±0.000, the saponification values were (122.428±1.805mgkoh/g) and (107.766±1.079 mgkoh/g) respectively. from this research finding, it is concluded that the seed oils of delonix. regia and piliostigma. thonningii is of medicinally and industrially important. the oil could be used as a substitute for other oils or blended with other vegetable oils and hence the uses of these oils in industries should be encouraged.

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=q-tb2dkaaaaj&hl=en&authuser=1&gmla=ajsn-f7zd6o4ux_6rfgigkgwwnhh5yeuzswtr8e7gj3f5oobvck4fnyt7neqrsawp25yuaa0rbkkwecmiuonpbbw1yjrf9epkrbocfnjhwaxrpd39cllwk8&sciund=7638546921247235719&gmla=ajsn-f6uq_xu0epxk6xsvvxpkbwibifcnikmliignfzao5uue8i-tip1udupuzjlpgidga8kun4dcb7thxj938pz7sklurxsn2miqrklctt6qivjqlzdk8a&sciund=5534332698999800323

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/document/579712749/evaluation-of-physico-chemical-parameters-and-antimicrobial-studies-of-delonix-regia-and-piliostigma-thonningii-seed-oil

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6734630



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